is a Trojan Horse to Crush New Affordable Housing

Michael Weinstein, the controversial leader of AHF, is once again bankrolling his third attempt to advance his anti-housing agenda. Weinstein’s initiative would erode our existing statewide rent stability law and further hamper the construction of affordable housing, exacerbating California’s housing crisis. All the while, AHF would be exempt from some of the very policies they advocated for!

What Weinstein’s Latest Initiative Does:
  • Repeals existing housing laws and weakens the strongest statewide rent stability law in the nation.
  • Grants local governments broad authority to supersede California’s historic statewide renter and unjust eviction protections.
  • Authorizes permanent price controls, even on single-family homes and condominiums.
  • Enables local governments the ability to potentially hinder affordable housing development.
What The Initiative Does Not Do:
  • No funding for affordable housing or a requirement that it be built.
  • No specific provisions to reduce rent.
  • No specific protections for renters, seniors, or veterans.
It’s essential to understand that the driving force behind this initiative is Michael Weinstein, the notorious head of AHF.
Weinstein’s controversial track record includes diverting pharmaceutical profits away from patient care to fund his political ambitions. These funds have been used to lobby and fund campaigns against affordable housing across California, run schemes to employ elected officials, invest in luxury real estate, and accumulate a vast portfolio of low-income housing complexes, some of which have been criticized as “slums” for poor tenants.

But for AHF, it's "do as I say, not as I do," and the hypocrisy is troubling. For instance, AHF has declared themselves exempt from critical tenant protection legislation like AB 1482 (2019), allowing them to raise rents beyond California's robust rent stabilization law and circumvent 'Just Cause' eviction protections for tenants. Additionally, AHF is exempt from Pasadena's rent control measure, enabling them to raise rents as they wish!
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